a few things in your home that are made from oil -- from the Transition Handbook

Posted by Transition San Diego / on 04/03/2010 / 0 Comments

aspirin, sticky tape, trainer shoes, lycra socks, glue, paints, varnish, foam, mattresses, carpets,m nylon, polyester, CDs, DVDs, plastic bottles, contact lenses, hair gel, brushes toothbrushes, rubber gloves, washing-up bowls, electric sockets, plugs, shoe polish, furniture wax, computers, printers, candle, bags, coats, bubble wrap, bicycle pumps, containers, rawplugs, credit cards, fruit juice containers, PVC windows, loft insulation, lipstick, shopping bags... and that's just some of the things made directly from oil, not those that needed fossil fuels and the energy they consume in their manufacture (which is pretty much everything).


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